Saturday, 22 December 2018


   Cats have settled in and made themselves at home. My only problem is that the one on a diet keeps stealing the other one's food. He will have put on weight by the end of their stay here.

    My only chore today (other than grocery shopping and laundry) was to bake a couple of French bread loaves to have with Christmas dinner. That is now done and dusted and they turned out really well. I took the leg of lamb out of the freezer and it will defrost in the fridge for the next few days. Everything seems to be under control and as there will just be 6 of us on the 25th, it should be quite stress free.


  1. I chuckled at yesterday's post - oh yes the beasties know the time. Even our horses know when we are late for bedtime snacks! I'm feeding a neighbour friend's two cats for 3 days including Christmas Day - why did I commit to that it means I'm out twice on Christmas Day. I know several people having lamb for Christmas dinner, I guess lamb is the new turkey (col). Merry Christmas Chris.

    1. And the same to you, Mary-Lou. Thanks for reading my blog!