Thursday 27 December 2018

A Busy Thursday

   Got some exercise today - tennis with the usual group and more of the same tomorrow. We shared holiday experiences between sets but managed three. I wasn't out at all yesterday so it was nice to do some socializing. A long nap this afternoon as the cats have been getting me up while it is still dark in the mornings. Still no snow to speak of and quite mild for this time of year.

   I dropped by Value Village with some kids books to donate and got a 20% off coupon. I found a nearly new maroon velvet shirt that was just my size, with the coupon just $8! Can't wait to wear it once my usual activities start up again in January. It will go nicely with my favourite black yoga pants.

   Still eating leftovers, the lamb will be a type of stew today with some curry powder thrown in. At least all the vegetables are gone so something fresh will show up in the meal. Last of the shrimp were consumed half an hour ago and I will have the final slice of plum pudding for dessert. Finally, a clementine and a couple of chocs (or maybe three) from the box Judy brought me while I watch TV. That should see me through until morning!



  1. I finally found you Chris! Hope I can find you again. Cats can tell the time. Sith cat can.x

    1. Thanks for visiting, Jill. Come again! The cats are my son and DIL's, just visiting while they are out west. They go home tomorrow.

  2. Ah the joys of left overs ... I gathered up the remaining cookies & put into the freezer - tired of the temptation. I could do with a fresh salad ... clementines are so tasty this time of year & a chocolate or two would enhance the flavour. I have found some great deals at Value Village - I have tidied a bit of my closet so I have a bag to go - maybe an outing tomorrow before the snow comes again!