Sunday 10 June 2018

Warm But Windy

    Very windy this morning, making things tricky on the tennis court. Susan and I came up 6-4 after a slow start against the two Cathys. We were 0-3 at one point so very chuffed with ourselves. It was quite a challenge to adjust to the wind every time we changed ends. When I got home I watched the Men's Final at the French Open - Rafa triumphed once again!

    The rhubarb is going great guns so I picked some today and made rhubarb and ginger jam. It thickened up nicely without having to add lemon juice or Certo although I never did manage to get it to the "setting" temperature of 105F. Maybe my candy thermometer is wrong.

   Nothing much on TV tonight but, luckily, I borrowed a movie from the library so that's what I will watch.

Lots of rhubarb left - maybe a pie next week?


  1. Just made a rhubarb, apple crisp. It's a good year for rhubarb. Enjoy your movie tonight. -Jenn

  2. I keep forgetting that the library has movies - good idea Chris. I checked my rhubarb & I think it will be ready for me to pick (lightly) this year.

    1. I just requested "Mr. Turner" and "Maudie" since I missed them when they were in the theatres - no one else waiting for "Mr. Turner" (bad omen?).
      As for the jam, my favourite preserving book says to use the early rhubarb for desserts and pies, and wait for the later rhubarb for jams and relishes.