Thursday, 7 June 2018

A Long Morning

   We sat through a very long, tedious RTO meeting for three hours this morning but rewarded ourselves with a nice lunch at Boston Pizza. I had chicken quesadillas with Caesar salad - yummy! I announced at the meeting that this will be my final year as Secretary and they should start looking for someone to train to replace me. I came into the job cold and it was a very difficult first year so wouldn't wish that on anyone.

   Nasty scare yesterday - got an e-mail from the government saying they hadn't received my tax payment! My lunch buddies told me it was probably a scam but, one short phone call later, it was all cleared up. The payment had gone into the wrong account (the one I use when paying tax in installments). Not sure if it was my fault or the government. Regardless it's all sorted now and the agent who helped me was very kind and said it's not an uncommon mistake. Phew!!

   No dinner tonight as I am still stuffed - maybe soup or a sandwich later.

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