Sunday, 17 June 2018

Hot, Hot, Hot!!

    Very hot right from sunup today - didn't last long on the tennis courts. Washington and I were soundly beaten, 5-2, by Susan and Tamara but, honestly, I wasn't giving it my best - just too hot and sweaty.

    My outside thermometer was reading 39C this afternoon but I think it was just around 33C. I tried to do some gardening (while still cool from a swim) but had to give up after half-an-hour, just gave the thirsty garden a good watering. The pool has been well used today. The water started out at 72F this morning but was 76F by the time of my last dip, very comfortable.

   The air conditioner kicked in recently and I might leave it running overnight so I get a decent night's sleep. I was late to bed last night, having been at the White Heather Ball, but was up at my usual time, so feeling a bit sleep deprived!


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  1. We also mostly run the A/C during the evening into the night for better sleeping. If we haven't slept because of the heat then both of us are cranky the next day ... I just wish I could convince the gov't that buying/running A/C is for health benefits & a deductible! Enjoy your pool today (Monday) ... Mary-Lou =^..^=