Sunday, 24 June 2018

Celebrating Lives Well Lived

   I have to attend two "Celebrations of Life" this week, one for a friend who died after suffering a massive cerebral hemorrhage, and another who was the victim of a vicious attack. If you live in the Toronto area you probably heard of it - he was pushed into the path of an approaching subway train. I know him from my tennis club and all who knew him are quite devastated by the news. He was quite a special person and didn't deserve this fate. So, it will be a sad week for me and many others.


  1. I'm so sorry for everyone affected by both of these deaths. This will be a hard week for you. Take care. -Jenn

  2. Chris I'll keep you in my thoughts as it's always difficult to say goodbye to friends.

  3. Unfortunately, another notification arrived in my mail box today - another tennis friend. We will say goodbye to him next week. Thanks for all the supportive thoughts.