Friday, 29 June 2018

Picking Strawberries

   A blistering day - 33C with the humidex registering 39C - but I decided it was my last chance to go strawberry picking!
   The first problem was that my favourite farm had gone out of business (they had decided it was more profitable to sell to a developer than to stay in the farming business) so I had to find a new spot. After searching online I found a couple of places fairly close by but spent almost an hour driving around to check them out. It was very hot in the strawberry fields so I only picked about two thirds of my usual crop but have enough to make a batch of jam and a couple of pies, as well as just eating them fresh with loads of cream!

    Two dips in the pool today but since then have been hiding out indoors with the A/C on. I did manage two sets of tennis this morning but faded fast as the heat increased, as did everyone else. We were done by 10:30. More heat tomorrow!

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