Thursday 21 June 2018


   Oldest grandson's Grade 6 graduation ceremony yesterday and I was on babysitting duties while Mom and Dad attended. He received the Citizenship Award, photos were taken (not with my camera so will have to wait until they are sent to me) and we had a special cake to celebrate. James made lemonade so it was quite a party.

   After a very hot weekend, the weather has been perfect - low 20's and cooling off nicely at night. I have been swimming most days after an afternoon of gardening. Lots of tennis on TV - start of the grass courts season leading up the Wimbledon so plenty to keep me occupied!


  1. I did not know they had graduation from grade 6 - well done to him for getting the Citizenship Award. Always like reasons of celebration that involve cake :)

    For us the weekend sports involve F1 racing. Happy weekend.

  2. He goes on to Middle school next year but my other grandkids are in a K to 8 school so won't have a graduation until Grade 8.