Saturday, 3 February 2018

Technology Problems

   A chilly start to the day (-10C) but it did get up to -3C by the afternoon. No sun but also no wind so not too cold. And no snow!

   I had a frustrating time at the grocery store this morning. It was absolutely heaving with people and when I finally got to the checkout register it went down - not just mine but several others. There must have been almost 100 people in line! It took the cashiers ages to get rebooted and working again but everybody was really patient, no tantrums or riots - everyone just commiserating on the delay without blaming the cashiers. This is a truly Canadian trait, we are so polite!

   I meant to do some baking this afternoon as I am almost out of sweet treats but never got around to it. I finished one library book and got started on the next one. It's called "The Party" and is by Elizabeth Day. I'm sure I have read other books by her.

   Roast pork with vegetables in the slow cooker for dinner tonight and it's smelling good!


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