Wednesday 14 February 2018

Ash Wednesday/St. Valentine's Day

    Funny to have both these special days coincide. Although today was the start of Lent, this was ignored at the Senior's Centre as we had a special free day - cake and unlimited coffee. We had a huge turnout as everyone likes free food, especially cake.

   I was out early for my Fitness class but came home to pick up my lunch. It was sunny and above zero so I decided to walk back for my shift in the coffee shop. Lots of melting going on but we are not done with Winter yet. The puddles will probably freeze overnight and make for tricky walking tomorrow.

   I was kept on my toes churning out coffee all afternoon so was quite beat by the time I walked home. Then a nap and some quiet reading before dinner (salmon and broccoli). Now it's the Women's Slalom at the Olympics which will keep me entertained until bedtime. 


  1. For me it's been the skating & in particular the ice dancing - yeah to Tessa & Scott for bringing the gold home.

    Today the weather is all about the rain & flooding. I'll forego my outside walk & hop on the treadmill.

  2. Rain here too but I didn't exercise - went to a movie instead!