Thursday 22 February 2018


   I had three good sets of tennis this morning with Martin, Angela and Renelle.  It was a mad dash from tennis to Bridge around noon but I made it without any traffic mishap. We usually play Bridge on Monday but the Centre was closed for Family Day. It was very busy in the Bridge room with 9 Bridge tables going. I had one very good hand and made two over the contract!

   We had one very mild day this week, in fact it set a record, 14C. Now it is colder but no snow cover at all which is unusual for February. If March comes in like a lamb next week (which it is forecast to do) we can expect storms at the end of the month and, possibly, more snow.

   I have been calculating my monthly budget today and I actually have some money left over! The heating bill was the big expense - $350 - and last month was over $300 as well, but I have cut back on a lot of foodstuffs (and wine) for Lent so that has saved me quite a bit. All other expenses were roughly the same except my car's yearly maintenance overhaul ($800) but I put that on my credit card so don't have to pay it until next month. Hopefully, there won't be another car bill this year, except for insurance.

   I made a pot of tomato soup this afternoon - really minestrone but without any beans, just pasta. It was mostly leftover tomatoes, fresh and canned, a half can of tomato paste and lots of other vegetables. Dinner tonight is an eggplant casserole I made the other day, it was yummy and will be even better for sitting in the fridge. I am making a concerted effort to use up fresh stuff before my next shop on Saturday and have only half a cabbage and some mushrooms that will be part of tomorrow's dinner. Just one minneola and half each of an apple and a banana, so everything will be gone. It's hard to use everything up when cooking for one!

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