Friday 2 February 2018

Groundhog Day

      Wiarton Willie, the local groundhog, saw his shadow today so we will have another six weeks of winter!  This really is no surprise as we regularly have snow and freezing temperatures well into March.  

   I have had no Internet since Tuesday so, once it came back on today I have been busy catching up on e-mails and blogs. I contacted the service provider on Wednesday and arranged for a technician to come today but, wouldn't you know, a half hour before he was to arrive, reception was back! He checked everything anyway and pronounced it "good to go". No explanation of the problem, however. I hope it doesn't re-occur.

   We had a mild day yesterday but today was bitterly cold again. All the snow that had melted into puddles yesterday was frozen and treacherous. I made it to fitness class this morning and went for a walk to the mall in the afternoon. My face was frozen by the time I got there as I was walking directly into the north wind. Coming home wasn't so bad and at least I was facing the sun. 

   I had opened a can of mixed beans for a pot of minestrone the other day and only used half. So today I picked out all the chickpeas and made a batch of hummus - lots of lemon juice and garlic. It was very tasty!

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