Saturday 24 February 2018

Lazy Day at Home

    I had a late start this morning, waking from a weird dream at 8:45 to more dull gray skies. We got a few blinks of sun latterly but it is back down below zero now that the sun has set. Still feels warmer than normal for February. Long may it last!

   Just my usual Saturday routine - laundry, grocery shopping etc. - but I did make another batch of shortbread cookies this afternoon. They turned out better so I am thinking that I made a mistake with the quantities yesterday.

   I cooked the fish yesterday in a tomato and vegetable sauce and there's still some left for tonight. I still have half a cabbage left from last week but am getting thoroughly bored with it. May need to make a pot of cabbage soup tomorrow to use it up. Now just a quiet evening at home reading and watching TV. I really should get my knitting out!

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