Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tennis Season Begins

   First day for Kaffeeklatch - this is our Tuesday and Friday morning socials at Don Mills TC. A very good turnout - all courts filled - and it was a spectacularly good day, weather-wise. Sunny but still on the cool side although I did get out of my track suit and exposed my pale limbs to the sun.

   I had a busy afternoon. First the duct cleaner with his noisy vacuum spent an hour cleaning years of dust and grime from the ducts. I'm ashamed to say this has never been done since I moved here nearly 16 years ago! He says I'm good for another 5 years, unless I'm in the old folks home before then. Next came a team of guys from the city to replace the water meter. It came with an electronic reader so I don't have to phone in the reading every other month.

   Lastly Judy came by to pick up James' sand table and kitchen centre which she has managed to sell. Now that we can get outside and to the park, we don't spend as much time playing in the basement, so it's time for them to go. They fit nicely in her van and I am glad to be reclaiming the space they took up. I am planning  a garage sale next month so have started filling boxes with other items that I neither use nor want any more. I may not make much money but I will feel much less cluttered.

   Dinner tonight is chicken thighs cooked in a tomato sauce with veggies. I plan to have bruschetta as a starter to use up the savoury bread I made for Easter that didn't rise properly. It will be fine toasted and topped with tomatoes, garlic and parmesan.

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