Thursday, 8 May 2014


     After James left yesterday, I quickly changed and headed over to the liquor store for a cooking demonstration - accompanied by well-matched wines. I had no idea mushrooms could be used in so many delicious ways!

   First course was an appetizer of pesto-stuffed mushrooms wrapped in phyllo pastry. Some tips on handling this tricky  Greek pastry were very helpful and the actual tasty bite was fairly easy to assemble, although Chef used prepared pesto which is really cheating. Next came a mushroom gratin - fairly straightforward, except for the addition of white wine to the mushrooms. Next came a chicken breast with leek and mushroom sauce made with crème fraiche - brandy in this dish gave it its unique flavour. Finally Panini stuffed with sautéed mushrooms, caramalized onions (I can never get them to caramalize so I watched closely) and gruyere cheese then toasted - in effect an extra fancy grilled cheese sandwich. To finish off the meal we had chocolate truffles, since true truffles are related to mushrooms. However, these were all chocolate and cream and absolutely delicious!  

   Today was the first day of the Thursday social at Bridlewood TC. Not a great turnout (7) but it was rather on the cool side. I plan to keep track of the numbers this year as we don't seem to be attracting many new members, which was the purpose of having this weekly event.

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