Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Fun in the Sun

   A very early start so that I could get in some tennis before heading out to lunch. I was in the car by 7:50 and arrived at the tennis courts around 8:10 - a very fast trip despite construction on York Mills. Since I was early I got the coffee started and put out the board; only two courts filled but more people arrived shortly after. Bonus -  lots of cake left over from yesterday! I had two good sets (all guys but not big hitters) and left around 10:00.

    On the road again by 10:45 after a quick shower and arrived at Qssis in time to set up the book sale table. Then checked out the plant table - this is a fundraiser we do each spring - people donate cuttings and they are sold for a buck or two. I got two ferns and a bunch of rhubarb. Not many book sales, the books are getting rather stale - all the good titles are long gone. This is another fundraiser with people donating books and/or buying what's on offer. I will have to see if I can revitalise the collection for the fall.

   The lunch was a little disappointing. A nice salad but my veal cutlet was decidedly overdone. The vegetables were OK but dessert was just sherbet in a frozen orange. Quelle domage! However, the speaker today, Lloyd Robertson of CTV news, was very entertaining and stayed for a while afterwards to sign copies of his memoir.

    Something light for dinner tonight, methinks, probably leftovers. I still have some kedgeree left and also the pork shoulder which was fall-off-the-bone tender. I could combine the two...... 


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