Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Few Days' Catch Up

   Out for lunch again on Thursday. It was the AGM meeting of RTO and, for those attending the meeting, the lunch was free! A way to induce the members to attend the meeting. The location was the same as Tuesday - Qssis - but the meal was much improved. Salad followed by chicken or salmon with lots of veggies (I chose salmon and it was delicious). Dessert was a chocolate mousse.

   On Saturday I got all the plants, that had wintered indoors, outside for the first time. They are mostly in pots and I will plant some in the ground and leave some in pots. They have grown very tall and leggy over the winter and need to be cut back quite a bit. After some time outdoors they will adjust to the weather and will benefit from the extra sun and rain, but they don't like the wind! One other job yesterday was cutting all the dead branches from my climbing rose. This is one job for which you definitely need protective gloves! But it looks much improved now and will probably come along better for having more room to grow.

   Today started with an hour on the tennis courts. I was lucky to team up with some other ladies and we had a good set. I also got to talk to Cathy about a plant she had great success with last year. It's a begonia called Dragon Redwing, so I hopped in the car to pick some up. I decided to get two varieties, to see which one does better in a shady location. So they are now in the hanging baskets on the porch. 

   I had my first picking of rhubarb today and made some rhubarb and ginger jam with it. But the pound of rhubarb only gave me 2 1/2 jars of jam. I think I boiled it too long, but it has set well. Dinner tonight is a whole roast chicken which will provide me with, at least, three, and maybe four, meals. It's beginning to smell yummy and I have put in some potatoes to roast along with the bird. I can't wait! I got some lemon yogurt on special this week so that will be dessert.
Impatiens and pansies on the porch. There's a fern and a jade plant at the other end.

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