Saturday, 11 January 2014

Weather Extremes

   Quite the week, weather wise. Extremely cold for a couple of days, temperatures in the minus twenties with a wind chill over -30C. Other spots in Canada even colder.

   Had car trouble on Tuesday and Wednesday. The car wouldn't start when I went out on Tuesday (an interior light had been left on and with the cold, the battery had drained) Got Toyota Roadside Assistance (a free service for Toyota owners, yaaay) to boost it on Wednesday morning and it started fine that day. But by Wednesday night it was flat again!  I had to take the bus to my SC dance group - we were learning new dances for the demos so I had to be there. Two waits for buses and a long slippery walk to the hall - not a pleasant experience. Makes you realize how convenient a car is. The mechanic came Thursday morning (still free, thankfully) and noticed a door was slightly ajar so that seems to have been the problem as the interior light would have been on again all day.
   Stayed in and painted the spice cupboard on Thursday. It only took half-an-hour so I went to a movie while the paint dried. "The Hunger Games", I have read all three books in the series and this was the second one. It was "O.K.", in other words, not my usual choice of movie but passed a couple of hours pleasantly enough.

    Temperatures are milder today and we are even getting some rain. Can't bear to think what conditions will be like when it drops down below zero tonight!

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