Monday, 20 January 2014

Dancing and a Birthday Party

   James was four yesterday and Judy had us over for dinner and cake - chocolate, of course, James' favourite. I managed to persuade James that some of his presents from Christmas and his birthday could come to Grandma's house. He has outgrown most of the toys I have here for him.

    Before heading out to Markham I joined some of my Petronella friends at a nursing home where we entertained the residents with a Robbie Burns celebration. There was the "Address to a Haggis", recitations, Highland and Scottish dancing and a piper. After the residents sampled the haggis, we got to carve up the leftovers and make off with our tasty treats. It will be the first of several samples over the next two weeks.

   A much colder day today with the temperature dropping from -8C this morning to -11C, even with some sun this afternoon. The wind is bitterly cold and I came in from clearing snow off my driveway with a runny nose and watering eyes. Fortunately the very act of shovelling kept my extremities warm enough and I was well bundled up. It's going to be another cold week!

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