Sunday 5 January 2014

Last day of Vacation

If I were still a working stiff, this would be the last day before returning to work. As it is, my only work is to be up and dressed before James arrives at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. I wasn't expecting this to be a busy day but things seemed to build up as the day went on.

   I had stayed up late watching "Inspector Morse" last night so was a late riser this morning. A quick breakfast and some ironing then I was out to shovel off the snow that fell last night. There were only a few centimetres so it wasn't a big job and the temperature was hovering around zero so I wasn't even cold by the time I was finished.

   While outdoors I had left some beets cooking away and my next job was to peel, slice and bottle them in a vinegar/water solution. Now I am well stocked for the next month or two. I love them with all sorts of dishes, kedgeree, pies, frittatas, in fact anything that needs the addition of a little colour and spice.

   An early lunch, a quick nap and I was off to the demo team practice at Broadlands Community Centre. Keith was in fine form and took us through the dances we will be doing at the Robbie Burns demos this month. Most of them were familiar but he threw in a couple of new ones, just to keep us on our toes and get our brains working.

   Freezing rain and more snow are forecast overnight; I jut hope Judy has no trouble getting here in the morning. My car is in the garage, just in case. Meanwhile I am tucking in to some smoked salmon and cream cheese on baguette slices with a beer to wash them down. Better start thinking about fixing dinner (if I'm still hungry after this treat!)

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