Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Cold Continues

   Here is James on top of a snowbank today. We didn't stay outside very long as the temperature was -21C. But at least the sun was shining even though it wasn't providing any warmth. Notice the ski hill tags on his jacket. He is learning to ski on the beginner hill on Sundays while the other two kids are in lessons.

   We had a fun morning. First we frosted and decorated some cupcakes to take to "Sing, Play, Learn". Then we set off (thankfully the car started) and enjoyed the songs and craft with the group. Barb brought James up to the piano so the children could sing "Happy Birthday" to him. He was quite delighted to be the centre of attention. At snack time he took around the cupcakes which everyone seemed to enjoy (only three were left which went home with him for after dinner tonight). We had a late lunch and, truth to tell, neither of us was very hungry after all the treats, although James ate a whole apple. Then a nap for both of us.

   I am enjoying a glass of my Christmas sherry tonight - can't believe it has lasted this long  - with a bowl of avocado and salsa dip. Dinner tonight is whatever is leftover in the fridge, probably brussell sprouts, sweet potato and some salmon in Thai sauce.

   No dancing at Petronella tonight as most of the group are out doing Robbie Burns events at different locations around the GTA. I am quite glad not to have to venture out tonight as the temperature drops. Eugenie Bouchard is playing in the semi-final of the Australian Open tonight so I will be happy to stay home and watch that.

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