Tuesday 14 January 2014

Feels Like Spring

   We are experiencing unseasonally mild temperatures this week - to make up for the frigid cold of last week, I guess. Or this might be our mid-winter thaw. Today reached 7C again; with the sun shining it felt quite spring-like. The ice created last week is somewhat melted although there is no green showing through the snowdrifts as yet.

   Went to the first Burn's lunch today  at a church hall in the west end - a tiny helping of haggis and a meat pie but the coleslaw was good. We were  dancing after so couldn't eat too much anyway. Robbie Burns birthday is January 25th so there will be lots more of the same in the next two weeks. We did 8 S.C. dances and some audience participation ceilidh dances, so I was quite tuckered out by the time we departed the church. Not a perfect performance (we all made some bloopers but I don't think the audience noticed) and lots of praise afterwards. The next one is on Sunday and a new set of dances which we will be learning tomorrow.
   Nothing special for dinner tonight, still eating the weekend's stew, but I plan to make a mackerel pate to nibble on while I watch the news on TV.

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