Sunday 12 January 2014

More Freezing Rain

Monday, January 6, 2014
 I neglected to go out yesterday evening to clear some snow off my driveway - that was a mistake! This morning it was covered by a hard, impenetrable layer of ice which  resisted all my efforts to remove it. I will just have to keep driving over it until it crumbles into submission. It wasn't too cold first thing this morning (James and I were out chipping and shovelling for half an hour) but the temperature has dropped considerably over the course of the day and is now around -9C. The wind is strong and bitter. I am glad to be staying in tonight - dance group has been cancelled because of the tricky conditions underfoot..

   Still eating leftovers from the freezer but the end is in sight. Last of the trifle tonight and just a small piece of capon to heat up with gravy - fresh vegetables on the side.


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