Saturday 18 January 2014

Snowed again

   More snow overnight (only a couple of centimetres) and although it was a sunny day, the temperature barely reached zero.

    Usual Saturday chores, laundry, grocery shopping and a quick trip to find a birthday present for James. He will be four tomorrow and there's a family party at his house. I have his present ready, something I'm pretty sure he will like and a couple of small gifts for the other two so they don't feel left out. There will be lots of good food ( I think Judy mentioned Lasagna, one of my favourite dishes) and lots of cake - probably chocolate, James' favourite. Also, aunt  and uncle and the other grandma. I must try to get some decent photos.
   An easy dinner tonight - chicken legs in a Thai Curry sauce which I bought recently and is a bit spicy. I'll add mushrooms and peas and on the side a new vegetable for me, celeriac, which I will mash with onion and garlic. But first, crackers and nippy cheddar with some smoked mackerel, washed down with some wine. Not too much or I won't be fit to cook the meal!

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