Monday, 16 December 2019

What's on my Bedside Table?

   I am all stocked up with books for the down time between Christmas and New Year. Can't wait to get stuck in to them! I won't have much time for reading for the next week but things will wind down after that.

    I have actually finished "Akin" and returned it to the library but it has been replaced by "Before We Were Yours" by Lisa Wingate. No shortage of reading material there!

   The staff at the Senior's Centre had a "treat day" today when we were there for Bridge - a little plate of Christmas goodies and coffee, all free! Naturally I partook (is that even a word?). I think it will be on all week so I will have to make sure to get down there again at some point. Classes are finished until the New Year but the drop-in programs are still running.

    All my Christmas wrapping is done and under the tree - just presents for the grandkids, the adults don't exchange gifts. Cards are all in the mail but I have only received 5 so I think people may be deciding to cut back. Postage is expensive, especially if you are mailing overseas. Not so much overeating this week which is a good thing!



  1. Partook is definitely a word and I don't blame you!! It sounds delicious.
    I have very few cards too - I'll be sending some online which, I think, makes more sense in lots of ways.
    Happy reading xx

    1. Got a couple more today so they are trickling in.

  2. I have tried to deliver more cards this year by passing them on through other people who might live close by and see the person I am sending the card to and I have been reciprocating where I can. I have been wrapping today and no doubt will be tomorrow - mainly stuff for the grandchildren and toys can be such awkward shapes.

  3. I tend to squirrel away and reuse Christmas bags. They are ideal for awkward shaped items and nobody remembers from year to year.

  4. Did you like Akin? I didn't love it, nor did I hate it. I just thought rather predicable. I did take away the interest in learning more about how they treated women in France after the war, those they thought were in league with the Germans.