Saturday, 7 December 2019

Over Indulging

   Not feeling 100% today (I have a headache) so have been rather lackadaisical about getting on with chores. The grandkids (or at least two of them) are coming over tomorrow to help decorate my (artificial) Christmas tree so I dragged it up from the basement this afternoon and will put on the strings of lights later this evening.

   It has been a week of overeating, both times at buffets which always test my self control. On Wednesday we dined at the Scarborough Golf and Country Club, which is lovely, and the spread of food was just so tempting, especially the dessert table. They even had plum pudding and custard but I managed to abstain. By that time I was too stuffed anyway.

   Yesterday it was the Mandarin buffet and I started with a plateful of sushi, went on to dumplings, hot and sour fish fillets, egg rolls and lots of other goodies. I did manage to add some servings of vegetables but was, again, tempted by the desserts - my downfall. Today I am eating lightly. I thought I had a small piece of salmon in the freezer but couldn't find it. I will make do with sausage and beans for dinner.

The naked tree...….

….and now with lights . I will post the decorated version tomorrow.


  1. I think you should just have bread and water after all that food!!

    1. You're probably right, but I have another engagement this evening with the family.

  2. During the festive season I must remind myself, moderation, moderation but there's so many yummy treats that only come out during the Christmas season ... resistance is futile! Looking forward to seeing the decorated tree.