Monday, 20 May 2019

Victoria Day

   It's been a good long weekend for me - finally out on the tennis courts both yesterday and today, Dim Sum with the family (a late Mother's Day party) and today Steve came over to fix my back gate and fence. It took him well over an hour in a very brisk wind so I rewarded him with lunch.

   The weather has been rather mixed - yesterday beautifully warm and sunny (we sat outside at Judy's) but today starting off nice but cooling off in the afternoon as the wind picked up. Presently just 14C. I spent some time in the garden today, tidying it for the pool guys coming this week to uncover the pool.

   My new family room furniture came on Saturday and I am very pleased with it - this will do me until I kick the bucket!


  1. Yeah to getting out on the tennis courts. That was a wild ride in yesterdays weather (Monday). Your new furniture looks very comfortable, a good place to cozy up with a book or good movie.

  2. It is really heating up here this week but still very windy. Hard tp hit the ball in the wind.