Thursday, 23 May 2019

Indulging Myself

   Lunch out twice this week can't have been good for my slimming (or maintaining) attempts - I daren't weigh myself for a few days of abstinence. Ironically it was almost the exact same meal both times and very good it was too.

    Tuesday was the final monthly lunch with the retired women teachers group I belong to and today it was the AGM and lunch with the other teachers group (RTO). Why, oh why did they choose the same week and the same location? The desserts were different but it was salad and a rather a good roast beef main course both days. I hardly ever eat beef so it was quite a treat - and they remembered the horseradish sauce!

   The pool is open but not quite filled or running, that will happen next week. I have the hose filling it at the moment but it will be a week or two before it is warm enough for swimming. By then it will be June and probably much hotter. Then I will be glad of a cooling dip!

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