Saturday 25 May 2019

Expensive Replacements

   We are currently experiencing our first thunder storm of the season - it has rained off and on all day but I did manage a few garden chores during a dry interval this afternoon.

   The pool guy was in early this morning to start up the system and I did manage to catch him and ask him to replace the chlorinator. I can't open it to add pucks and it is over 20 years old so due for replacement. He is also going to look into a variable speed pump which will be quieter and use less power, all good, but an expense I didn't plan on. I would also like to replace the shed that the pool equipment is kept in, as it is very shabby, but that may have to wait until next year.


  1. our son has his pool up and running. It was supposed to be a pool party on Saturday but due to the weather the swimming part was cancelled. However the water temperature was only 60 oF too cold for me!!

  2. I'm sure you all had fun even without the pool. Mine hasn't reached 60F yet. I will have to turn on the heater if I want a swim any time soon!

  3. That was quite the storm on Saturday. Thankfully no damage to anything other than lots of downed twigs. Oh to have a pool ... although I heard that the long range forecast for the summer is a wet one, hot but wet.

  4. Yes, my garden was thoroughly waterlogged after Saturday's rain. I finally managed to cut the grass today - it had grown exponentially since last week! I am very behind in gardening and getting some vegetables planted.