Thursday 16 May 2019

A Day Out

   Yesterday the grass could not be left another minute as it was already a bit on the long side. I cut and raked it after my stint at the Senior's Centre kitchen but didn't do a very good job as it was still wet from the morning's rain. It will have to be cut again before the pool guys come in next week (not sure which day) to open the pool.

   I was running an RTO trip to the theatre in Cambridge today so it was an early start with the bus loaded and off by 8:30. The traffic was very heavy so we were rather late for our first stop at a pewter studio in the village of St. George for a tour of the workshop (very interesting) then a chance to buy in their showroom.

I bought this rather lovely lapel pin but there was an overwhelming amount of items to choose from. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

Next stop was The Old Schoolhouse Restaurant in Brantford for lunch. I had salad with warm crusty bread, Dover sole and three veg with lemon and an interesting spinach butter sauce, and a huge slice of cream covered cake with raspberry coulis and coffee. Unfortunately I was so full by the end of the meal that sitting through the theatre performance was an endurance test of my ability to stay awake! The theatre was new and quite beautiful but the show was just OK ('nuff said!)

   We had quite a fast trip back to the city as we were largely going against the traffic (people heading out of town for home) so I was home by 6:30 for a light dinner (yes, I did manage to eat again) and some TV before I head for bed. Up early again tomorrow for tennis - if it stays dry for once!


  1. Pretty pin. Sounds like you did a lot of planning for this trip. Was it the Duffield Theatre you saw the play at? It's a nice theatre - we saw Don Quixote there last year.

  2. No, it was the Hamilton Family Theatre in Cambridge. The show was "Glory".