Sunday, 22 July 2018

A Recent Trip

    I was out of town on Thursday for the day to visit Judy and grandkids at their trailer. It's in a trailer park on Orr Lake, just north of Barrie and we had a nice day together - touring the park, canoeing on the water and eating al fresco on their covered porch, cottage living at its best! The lake is big but quite shallow, so warm enough for swimming, although Natalie was the only one to venture in. Elliot was into a good book in his favourite spot, the hammock, and James had several little projects on the go. Unfortunately I forgot my camera again!

    Rain today, just a steady downpour until about 3:00 p.m. so I did some indoor chores and worked on my puzzle. After that I got out the gardening tools and filled another bucket with weeds. I also trimmed a couple of bushes while it was cool.

Luckily I took this photo yesterday as the flower didn't survive today's rain.


  1. I did some weeding and trimming yesterday as well - nice when the ground was soft from the rain. The trailer park sounds nice, especially with a lake. -Jenn

  2. Such a pretty flower. There are some really pretty lakes up near Barrie - what a great mid week break. =^..^=

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    1. Thanks, S.W. I wasn't sure what it was called.