Monday, 30 July 2018

Garden Bounty

   Tomatoes doing well this year. I have been getting lots of the cherry variety for a couple of weeks now, and picked the first of the beefsteak variety today.

This was today's haul. Isn't that a beauty!

Kale also doing well. I put a couple of leaves in yesterday's soup.

Lots more to come - and that's just one plant!


  1. Gorgeous tomatoes! Ours stopped bearing about a month ago; as usual July here is just too hot for them. But will be able to start new plants in a couple of weeks. Our kale is the only thing in the garden still going strong.

  2. Certainly a beauty in your tomato bounty. I have yet to get any ripen to pick - soon. Kale, I've tried to like, honesty I have but it's just not for me, but what a pretty plant. ... Mary-Lou =^..^=

  3. Man, what a nice haul you have in the works!