Monday 9 July 2018

Time For a Catch Up

   Feeling very guilty as much has gone on since my last post. Will try to update my goings on. It was very hot until Thursday when we had a humungous rain storm which ushered in cooler nights (high 'teens). It is still hot during the day but at least we can get some sleep at night!

    A week last Sunday was Canada Day and we had a good turnout for the holiday social at the tennis club. People were actually playing in the heat - not me! Lunch was barbecued chicken skewers with bean salad, greens and potatoes. Dessert was a very good Canada Day cake and there were leftovers for us to finish up at the Tuesday round robin.

  On Thursday we had a cruise of the harbour aboard the Mariposa. I forgot my camera which is a shame as we had some great views of the city from the water. I was amazed how many trees could be seen despite the area being almost completely built up. We had a buffet lunch but it was extremely hot on the boat - no breeze out on the water at all! Before returning home we had a visit to the Distillery district and found some relief in the air conditioned shops there. I got some really good Greek olive oil for salads.

   Since then I have been binge watching Wimbledon - still one Canadian left in the men's draw but all the past ladies top seeds are gone, so it will be an unseeded player who wins this year. It is shown in the mornings here which has worked for me - I can get on with other things for the rest of the day.


  1. A lovely catch up Chris. While I haven't watched much of the tennis, other the day's end highlights, it was nice to see the Canadians doing so well. In the summer I always like to cook up a little extra so that there is left overs & less cooking to be done (col). Your Mariposa cruise sounds nice.

    ... Mary-Lou =^..^=