Thursday 17 July 2014

The Fruits of my Garden

   A lovely set of tennis at Bridlewood this morning - blue sky but not humid, very pleasant. Only 6 of us there, it seems such a waste that more people don't attend, but all the more court time for us! A father and his 3 kids arrived around 10 a.m. but we weren't using the third court anyway. It's supposed to be adults only on Thursday mornings.

   The grandkids were over for a swim yesterday and I needed the heater on all morning to get the water warm enough. The nights have been quite cool this week (lovely for sleeping) but it has meant the water is always low 70's  in the morning. Natalie doesn't mind the cool water but the boys are more picky. However, they did go in after lunch for quite a long swim. Neither Judy nor I got in, just too chilly!

   Cooking up a nice dinner - Tuscan chicken. I use chicken thighs and after browning them add onions, artichoke hearts, chick peas, sun-dried tomatoes and, for a change, a small Italian eggplant. All it requires to make it absolutely delicious is some red wine but when I don't have an open bottle I use Marsala and it's a good substitute. So that's what I did today.

   Yesterday I lifted all my shallots - I got nearly 2 lbs. They are presently soaking in salt and tomorrow I will finish pickling them. Last week I made some pickled beetroot which should last me a couple of months so I will be all set for tasty pickles well into the fall!

This year's batch of Strawberry Jam - I still have several jars of last year's to finish even though I gave some away as gifts.

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