Sunday, 27 July 2014

Quiet Weekend

     Not much happening this weekend - laundry and errands on Saturday morning were completed before noon. Electricity is cheaper on the weekend so works in with my schedule. A restful afternoon and some good shows on PBS in the evening.

   Today I was up early and had the ironing done by 8:30. A quick shower and I was off to the tennis courts. It was already quite hot but managed a set with Susan, Chan and Paul. I wasn't playing particularly well but Paul and I managed to pull off a win.

  On returning home I surprised a huge rabbit in the back yard. I suspect he is the one that has been eating my tomatoes. I've lost two now, just as they were ripening. The red pepper is still on the plant but for how much longer? I will need to pick it soon. I tried to get a photo of the intruder but he took off lickety-split.

    After lunch and a nap I got on my bike and had a quick run down to Starbucks for a Frapaccino. I had a $1 off coupon and it was very refreshing after the bike ride. Then just relaxing, reading and swimming for the rest of the afternoon. The air conditioning is currently running although the house stayed quite cool until late afternoon. I made barbecued ribs for dinner last night with potato salad and green beans, and will be having the leftovers tonight so no cooking required!
And there he goes under the gate, just like Peter Rabbit in Mr. McGregor's garden!
Another strongly perfumed lily.

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