Saturday 19 July 2014

Rogers Orientation

   I was up early this morning to head over to Yorkdale Mall for the Orientation meeting for volunteers at the Rogers Cup which is coming up in a couple of weeks. It was an 8:30 start in the cinema auditorium for all of us, then breaking off into our different committees. Sandy had laid on a nice breakfast spread and we munched happily as she went through the handbook. We have quite a few "newbies" this year.

    I had time to do my weekly grocery shop once I got home but didn't bother with lunch as I was still stuffed. The afternoon was rainy so I pottered in the kitchen, making some roasted red peppers and a batch of mango chutney. I got two small jars from one mango, one apple, some raisins, a garlic clove and half an onion. Not too shabby!

   Tonight is leftover Tuscan chicken but I made a delicious fish dish yesterday. It was supposed to be just a pan-fried basa fillet but at the last minute I topped it with an artichoke dip I had made previously. It was very tasty!

Amazing what can be concocted from an over-ripe mango!

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