Friday, 4 October 2013

A Rainy Day

   Have spent a quiet day at home as I woke up to rain so no tennis this morning. James was at day care so I spent the morning doing some light housework and reading. Got out in the garden this afternoon once it had dried up but didn't do anything too strenuous.

   Dinner on the go, pasta and shrimp, and then I am off to dancing. We need to learn one more dance for tomorrow's dance at Crescent School so I hope Wendy teaches it.

   Yesterday I attended an interesting presentation on The Galapagos Islands, given by a travel company. It's an expensive trip so I doubt I will be going but there was a wealth of information on the habitats and vegetation to be found there. Also Ecuador sounds like a delightful place to visit so I will keep that on my list of "go-to" places.

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