Tuesday 8 October 2013

Finally, Sun!

    What a gorgeous day!  It started out cool, but by the time I got to the tennis courts (traffic horrible!) it had warmed up a couple of degrees. Soon we were stripping off the layers and in summer outfits. Not too busy either, which meant no long waits between sets. Jasmine had brought in a birthday cake for Magda so we had a little treat mid-morning along with our coffee. We only have one more week before the bubble goes up for the winter club, which I don't join, so will make the most of these two weeks.

    I bought the ingredients for Lasagna rollups on the way home and that will be dinner tonight. I need to use up some Swiss Chard from the garden and will use it as a substitute for the spinach. Nothing much on TV tonight but I have a good book - MaddAdam by Margaret Attwood. That will keep me going for a few days.


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