Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Chilly Taste of Winter

It was a chilly start to the day, 4C with a bitterly cold wind from the north-west - that's straight from the Arctic! The sun was in and out and did help a bit but the temperature barely budged all day.

   James and I had fun at "Sing, Play, Learn" and on the way home stopped off at the park. No one else there (no surprise there, it was freezing) James was dressed for the weather in his winter jacket, hat and mitts but, for some reason, I had only worn my light jacket and froze. I couldn't wait for him to decide it was time to head home but he was quite comfortable and enjoyed himself on the gym equipment and in the sand for nearly an hour. I will know better next time!

   Petronella tonight and we did some fun dances. We finished with a challenging 5-couple dance which I am glad I stayed for. That's the first time I've made it to the last dance - a big improvement in my stamina!

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