Saturday 12 October 2013

Little Visitors

Friday, October11, 2013   

 I had the grandkids over this morning - yes, all three of them! They had a day off school but they brought over their Great Aunt Lena who is visiting from Scotland. So there were two adults to corral them. A quick trip to Tim Hortons (hot chocolate and timbits, coffee for the adults), a visit to the park, and then home for lunch, so the morning went pretty fast.

   I've been trying to get my eReader working but my computer won't recognize it. I must be using the wrong cable - it seemed to fit but I think it is from my camera so possibly isn't compatible. Dinner in half-an-hour then I am off to Wendy's class at Westview Church. I hope we do some interesting dances. Tomorrow is our family Thanksgiving lunch at the Atherton's so I will be up bright and early to get the roast potatoes started. Judy and Dave will be cooking the turkey on the BBQ, I think, so all will be go at their house too. 

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