Monday 19 September 2022

By My Bedside

    A new crop of books from the library - some recommended, some I have been awaiting for some time and a few that just serendipitously came to my attention.

   I have almost finished the Anne Perry book, her excellent plotting and machinations about to come to a satisfying conclusion. The Malcolm Gladwell book is for our next Book Club meeting and I'm afraid I am really struggling with it. The Louise Penny came from a friend and has also been left unfinished while others catch my fancy.

 I have been waiting for the Val McDermid book from the library for ages and can't wait to get cracking on it! The others, Amy and Lan and The Seven Sisters are unknown quantities but were recommended and sound like something I would enjoy. It is so great to have sources of good reads!


  1. I get a lot of my reading recommendations from blogs. So far I have not been disappointed. You might like Jane Harper. She is an Australian author and her books are set here. They are crime novels with a strong Australian flavour. You can taste the red dust.

  2. I devour every Louise Penny book I see and now have read everything she has written. My favaorite which I presented to our book club was the one about the murder on the island wiith the monastery. I don't remember the name - sooo many books in my life.

  3. Like you I have a stack of books from the library. There are a couple of titles in your mix that I've noted for future reference. Like Ana Dunk (previous comment) I always put Louise Penny's books first :) although lately while waiting for Louise's next book, I've been reading the Doctor Ruth Galloway murder mysteries.