Friday, 15 May 2020

Technical glitches

   A rainy day but much milder - more like May. I managed a run (not literally but I did walk smartly as it was still spitting) down to the corner shop between showers to pick up a couple of items. They were completely out of milk but, luckily, I still have enough for my tea. When I did my grocery shop on Thursday (seniors' hours) the milk was all about to expire so I declined to buy.

   The rain finally stopped later this afternoon but it was too wet underfoot to do any gardening. I did some book keeping chores for RTO that I have been putting off - just organizing some reports for our Annual Meeting which has been postponed until October at the earliest. So, nothing urgent. My laptop has been playing up - may need to be replaced - but for once it was cooperating.

 We were to have a Zoom meeting this morning but it didn't happen. We were all ready at our computers at the designated time to no avail. Apologies all round from the meeting chair, but no explanation as to the cause. We will try again next week.


  1. What a shame the Zoom chat didn't happen. Fingers crossed for the next one.

    1. It was a rehearsal for our actual meeting next week so not a big deal. It's just good to know that everything is working properly.

  2. Our milk comes in 1 litre cartons and we keep extra in the freezer in case we run out. I just put the carton into a large bowl of cold water to defrost it the night before I need it.
    Hope the laptop doesn't die. I would be lost without all the information on mine, and yes, I know I should back it up regularly!

  3. I have never had a problem getting milk before so I hope it's a "one of" situation.