Monday 18 May 2020

Another Indoor Day

    A wet and dreary day today but not cold. Still no milk at the store so I had to substitute evaporated milk (half milk, half water) in today's loaf of bread. It turned out well so that is something to remember in the future.

    I spent most of the day reading. My current book is "The Autobiography of Henry Vlll" by Margaret George. It is a fascinating (although fictional) look into the life of the notorious monarch. The author uses an effective device to carry the story forward with passages inserted into the king's account by his jester, Will Somers. I am thoroughly enjoying it and it will keep me going for some time as it is very long. The libraries are still not open.

   I had a phone call from one of my Bridge friends today - we are both missing Bridge very much but there is little likliehood of us getting back to playing any time soon. It would just be too difficult to keep social distance from each other and avoid sharing germs on the cards! Not to mention the community centre where we play is still shut and probably won't open again for months.


  1. Ages ago, I read a book called, I think, 'The King's Fool' which involved Will Somers and I enjoyed it very much. It was quite a story!

    What a shame about the bed weather. I hope it clears up soon. Is there anything online that you could use to play your bridge matches?

  2. We too are having cool damp and windy weather now whilst the south of England basks in warm sunshine. Those few hundred miles makes a lot of difference!
    Do your dairies offer a home delivery service, as they do over here? Are you able to get the "milkman" to call?

    1. Not for many years! I got milk today at another store, they had plenty. Just a supply and demand problem, I guess.

  3. How perfect is the timing of your book - today (05/19) is the day Queen Anne Boleyn was executed by Henry VIII & being that she is my favourite historical person, I always mark the day. Is bridge a game that you could play via Zoom?

    Strange that the shelves are empty of milk & the farmers are complaining about having to dump milk. It just doesn't make sense to me. Another crazy thing during this time.

  4. She hasn't entered the book yet. I got a surprise today - Henry actually had a son by Katherine of Aragon but, despite being a healthy baby, he died at 5 weeks old. Imagine if he had lived how things would have been different.