Friday 13 March 2020

What's Cancelled? Everything!

    I am in for a few very boring weeks due to this awful virus. Just heard today that next Tuesday's lunch is off and probably Thursday's Probus meeting. Anything with over 100 people is now taboo. The classes at the community centres are finished until April and if they close (which they may well do) I will be completely out of activities - no Bridge games or Pickleball. Luckily I have lots of puzzles to do and books to read - that is until they close the libraries!

   I have a lunch date with friends on Friday but that may also have to go as one of them has a medically compromised daughter and can't take the chance of carrying back an infection. 

   I am well stocked with supplies and should be able to last a couple of weeks but they will be long and boring. At least I will be able to go outdoors and to the shops unlike the poor people in self-isolation. That would drive me bonkers!

   Meanwhile here are a couple of photos to show life goes on:

This was a very tasty vegetarian pie I made last week. It did me two dinners and a lunch with salad and pickled beetroot.

This south-facing patch is where I plant tomatoes and it was covered with snow until two weeks ago. So far there are two clumps of chives, garlic shoots, daffodils and tulips appearing. Hope springs eternal!


  1. Your veg pie looks delicious. Our library is still (thankfully) open, but I expect that to change soon. I think closing everything for the next 3 weeks is what they are calling "flattening the curve of the disease" - I'm all for that. Mr Man & I real home bodies to begin with, so social distancing isn't a problem for us (col). We still have a little snow left on the patio, but inch by inch it's receding. Saw our first chipmunk of the season yesterday - now that does mean spring!

    1. Yes, at least the hospitals will be able to handle the epidemic if it is spread out. I hadn't heard that expression before but it describes the situation well. I'm not so much of a home body so will find it hard.

  2. It's all one big muddle at the moment, isn't it? I'm not worried about any possible self-isolating but I am worried for my family, all of whom have health issues, that they will be OK, specially my 91 year old dad.
    Oh, well, all we can do is be very sensible.

  3. Oh well. A couple of slow, boring weeks may be a good trade off if you emerge safe and well after this has all blown over. Lovely pie!

  4. I've no problem staying at home. Toronto libraries have closed but since I read on a tablet or my phone, I use their online app to borrow books.