Saturday 14 March 2020

Best Laid Plans Gang Aft Aglai

   As those of you who follow my blog (all 16 of you!) will know, Saturday morning is grocery shopping. Today I deemed it wise to set off early, which in my case was 8:30. But not early enough!

    When I arrived at the store there was a lineup of 20-30 people all with their shopping carts at the ready. The store manager had deemed the store too full to accept any more customers. We could see through the windows huge lineups at the cashiers and people were streaming out with loaded buggies, and I mean loaded, obviously stockpiling in case the grocery stores were closed or ran out of essentials. After 20 minutes of waiting without the line moving I gave up and came home as I hadn`t had breakfast and was getting thoroughly chilled.

    Time passed. I did a few chores, had lunch, had a nap, read my book. By 4:00 p.m. I deemed the rush to stockpile would be past so toddled off to the store again. Luckily it is fairly close. This time there was no lineup, there were even some buggies available so things were definitely looking up! The aisles were not too jammed for me to get around and, although some shelves were empty, almost everything on my list was still there. The only thing I couldn`t find was my preferred extra old cheddar cheese but there were other types still in plenty. It was a bizarre experience.

   The best part was that the store had laid on extra cashiers so I was able to walk right up to the checkout and actually completed my shopping trip in record time. Only problem, I was half way through putting away the groceries before I remembered to WASH MY HANDS!

   An update on yesterday: now the community centres and libraries are closed until at least April 6th. Any suggestions on how to fill my days till then?



  1. At least you are not confined for the next four months.

  2. Here, where I get my groceries in a small town, there actually were items that were gone from the shelves. No bleach, no Lysol wipes, and strangely, no bananas! I think it's best to lie low right now. As you probably know, schools are going to be closed for two weeks beyond March Break. We only found out on Thursday night, with Friday being the last day before March Break! Amazing times we are living in right now. Take care, Jenn

  3. I have cupboards to tidy, a garage to get organised, dvds to watch, a garden to weed, lots of things to be getting on with!

  4. I just heard on the news one of our provincial ministers assuring everyone, that's there food, there's toilet paper, not to hoard shop. I don't think overall that our society is showing itself at it's best. My niece has suggested that all stores allow their first hour of trading to be for seniors and/or the disabled for two reasons, allows them the social distancing & two they won't have to do battle with the younger hoarders. As to your question, I'm a stay at home anyway type of person, but I'm getting a little bored with TV, crafting, reading. I'm going for a walk later. OH I've seen that there are lots of museums and galleries world wide allowing virtual tours for free. I also saw a few free online mediation groups & yoga groups. Good news a Canadian research team in Toronto & Hamilton have isolated that actual COVID-19 virus & the Univ of Saskatchewan team are working & having success for a vaccine. GO CANADA.

    1. Some hoarders are profiting by reselling stuff (and I mean a lot of stuff). Disgusting and, as you say, not showing Canadians at their best.

  5. I think most libraries have a system where you can access some books and magazines online. Socially, many groups have adapted to use online media as a way to 'get together' while we are practising physical social distancing.
    Stay well. X

  6. The grocery thing does get better. Have you tried downloading books or audiobooks from the internet? I am appreciating audiobooks even more, so nice having someone talk at (instead of to) me is comforting in its way.