Saturday 21 March 2020

Social Distancing

  Somehow I am managing to fill the days. Today was brilliantly sunny but very cold. Only 1C (windchill, -16C) when I went out for my morning walk. Hardly saw a soul and not many cars on the streets. It is a very weird time, for sure. It warmed up a bit in the afternoon and I worked in the garden.

   I had one conversation with a neighbour this afternoon. She was driving up the street while I was raking the front lawn, and we chatted at a distance of 5 feet. She shared that another neighbour is sick with the virus after returning from a cruise. 

   I also had a phone call from my son, making sure I was all right. He still has to work so I was glad not to have physical contact with him. I hope he stays healthy. Tomorrow I may Skype the grandkids, I haven't seen them for almost two weeks. Anyway, here's something that will really cheer you up!



  1. Great, thanks. It sounds extremely cold round your way and windy too! Have a lovely (distance) time with the grandchildren today.

  2. Thanks for the video share. I've found some really nice Celtic music online, it's the only way of travel these days as they have scenes of Ireland to go with the music. I hope you & the Grandkids have a good Skype visit.

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