Thursday 26 March 2020

Keeping Busy

  This month's RTO Executive meeting was to have been held today but, aside from not having anywhere to hold it, meetings are now banned. So, a phone conference was arranged for this morning. Despite the fact that I screwed up the entry code, it went off well. All items were shared and discussed, everyone got to give their report and, best of all, it was over in just under an hour. Usually it takes 2 - 2 1/2 hours to get through the whole agenda. Bonus!

    The current jigsaw puzzle is finished and a new one is waiting in the wings. It was part of the "care package" from the family. I will start it later today. I think it will be easier than this one. Watch for a daily report of its progress.

I found that there were two pieces missing. Hope they turn up the next time I vacuum!

Lots of detail which should make it easier but the picture is decidedly unhelpful.

   Here are the books I am currently reading. I haven't read Wilbur Smith for some time but this particular book of historical fiction is really holding my attention - fast moving, adventurous and a little bit racy!

I have just dipped into "The Kitchen House" and I think I will enjoy it - also historical fiction. It was also in the "care package" - my daughter and I have the same taste in books.


  1. Well done on the puzzle! Not sure when I'm going to start my next one. -Jenn

  2. I doubt I would have the patience for a puzzle like that so well done to you!

    1. I just keep it on hand for when I am bored and do a few pieces each day.

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