Saturday 8 February 2020

The Snowbanks Are Rising

   No new snow today but more shovelling to get the driveway cleared. It was a sunny but cold day so that helped. Further north of us had extreme cold but here we were positively balmy at -8C with no wind. It was quite pleasant to be out in the sun.

As you can see the snow is beginning to accumulate where there would be grass growing.
The street was plowed yesterday so I had to clear the windrow. It wasn't too bad. That will be my exercise for the weekend.


  1. It looks very pretty in your photo. I wish we got a bit more snow here sometimes.

  2. We have only had a little snow - a heavy flurry one morning that had disappeared by teatime. As Joy says it is pretty though. x

  3. The snow gets dirty pretty quickly, mostly from the salt put down on the main roads. That creates slush which clings to your car and gets tracked everywhere. Parking lots are the worst, hence my wet feet after a run to the store.