Thursday 6 February 2020

A Difficult Drive and a Scare

   Just the usual number at Book Club this afternoon and we had a lively discussion followed by treats and coffee. The book for this month was "Before We Were Yours" by Lisa Wingate, a fictional account of a very real situation - baby stealing, kidnapping and cruelty at  Tennessee orphanage in the 1920's.

   Digging out from another snow storm and more is forecast for tonight. I managed to get my car out onto the street this morning and had a fairly easy drive to my tennis game. The main roads had been cleared and well salted. We are very fortunate to have our sidewalks cleared by the city (not all parts of the city are) so that was one less thing to do. However, tennis and snow shovelling was more than enough exercise for one day. I had a small scare on my way to tennis as my "low tire pressure" light came on and the last time that happened I had to replace the tire. I managed to inflate it and will wait until tomorrow to see if it holds the air. Otherwise it will mean a trip to the dealership to see if they can fix it. New tires are expensive.

   I am having a couple of meatless days. Yesterday was roasted veggies and bean casserole. Today I made some savoury muffins which I will have with the rest of the beans. Having said that I just realized I had some smoked mackerel an hour ago while the muffins were cooking, so not entirely meatless.

They are mostly carrot and cheese with a little flour and just one egg.


  1. I keep meaning to have a go at some muffins - yours look delicious. I am fed up of car troubles this month (and last), I swear we could have rebuilt our estate car with the cost of the bills we have had. Hope the tyre stays inflated.

  2. Your comment about meatless reminded me of something my mother said many years ago when we were still talking.
    She was over here visiting me and told me that she no longer ate meat but was now vegetarian, so I needed to devise a lot of meatless meals for her during her stay. One evening when I returned home from work to prepare dinner I asked what they had been doing that day. They had been for a drive up to the north of the island and had lunch. Her partner casually mentioned that they had eaten bacon rolls for lunch. "But you're vegaterian!" I exclaimed. "Yes, but bacon isn't real meat is it?" she said.

  3. Fingers crossed that the air is holding in the tire. I sometimes wonder if driving over all the bumps of ice & pot holes are the reason for less air in the tires. Yum to your savory muffins.