Thursday, 27 February 2020

Extreme Weather

   We woke up to another thick (15cm.) covering of snow this morning but I am so sick of it I didn't bother with a photo. Suffice it to say I had to get the snowblower going before I could go anywhere this morning. Luckily I had remembered to plug in the Lithium battery last night. So 8:00 a.m. saw me out with the shovel to clear a path to the garage and by 8:30 I had the snowblower humming along clearing a path for me to the road. The wind was fierce!

   Before I went out to clear the driveway, I phoned my tennis friend to make sure we still had a game on. Several phone calls and texts later everyone had confirmed that they would be there. The roads in my subdivision weren't cleared so I had a wild ride getting to the main road. There, it was just a slushy mess but I got there on time and we had some close games. The first set went to a tie-break!

   I had arranged to meet friends for lunch but there were several who didn't (or couldn't) make it so we were a select group of six. This actually was more conducive to conversation so it was well past 2:00 p.m. before we broke up. More shovelling when I got home as the wind had piled up some snow drifts and we are due more snow tonight. Will it never end?


  1. I'm glad the snow didn't stop your day of fun.

  2. Your snow shovelling is like going to the gym - perhaps you should sell memberships to your friends and neighbours!

    1. I would if they all didn't have their own driveways to shovel!

  3. Our little island would grind to a halt with those conditions. A few flakes of snow and everything shuts down!

  4. We just struggle on regardless. The city is really good at keeping the roads clear and safe to drive.